Pediatric ETT Depth

Lee. New decision formulas for predicting ETT depth in children. Emergency Med J. 2018:
Retrospective review of 1111 tube depth from CT images:

<1 yo

>1 yo
3 + 0.1xHt[cm]

Difference from formula: -.5 cm, -2 cm, `1.5 for Formula, Broselow, APLS
1 x ETT = (age/4) + 4 (formula for uncuffed tubes)
2 x ETT = NG/ OG/ foley size
3 x ETT = depth of ETT insertion
4 x ETT = chest tube size (max, e.g. hemothorax)

ETT depth = 0.1[height in cm] + 4
J Med Assoc Thai. 2005 Dec;88(12):1838-46.

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